4 ways to give your house an upgrade using LED Light Strips


LED lights have come a long way since they were introduced. Remember your old LED Christmas lights? Not anymore… now, you can get a high quality product and with its thin flexibility, these light strips can go places that you normally wouldn’t be able to put lights. 

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your house with a cool new design element, or just add lighting to an area that needs it, LED light strips are the way to go. 

Here are 4 ways that you can use LED light strips in your home: 

  1. Under your stairs! If you have open stairs, this is the perfect place to put LED light strips. They will look amazing underneath each step and you can use them to guide your way in the dark. Plus, you can add motion sensors so that the lights come on automatically when you head downstairs. 

  2. Around your mirror/painting! Create your very own vanity mirror by adding lights strips around it. Same goes for any beautiful paintings or artwork you have around the house. There is no better way to highlight it… and don’t forget, there are millions of coloured lights to choose from so your options are endless.  

  3. On your deck! Imagine having a drink on your deck without needing a giant spotlight to see things. The soft glow of LED lights is a great way to make your deck look spectacular. Add some built-in waterproof speakers and now you’ve got a place to hang out every warm night. 

  4. Around your tub! Let’s be honest… no one wants to soak in their tub with all the lights on. And candles can quickly become a hazard. So create that spa feeling with some LED light strips. You can practically feel the stress melting away. 

The best part about LED light strips – you’re only limited by your imagination! They can pretty much go wherever you need them to. 

Looking for more ideas on where you can put LED light strips in your home? Reach out to us! We’ve got lots of fun ideas and would love to help you upgrade your home.  

Lindsay T